Story: Seeing The Change

Today we have another video from the Spirit of Space crew's Detroit Stories Series. (Tongue twister!!) Introducing Esteban. Wow, Esteban. He loves Detroit. [...]

Story: Coming Back after 20 Years

Mark Binelli is an author of some pretty great books, most recently "Detroit City Is The Place To Be." It's one of few new looks at Detroit that doesn't take [...]

Story: Keeping The Faith

  Today's story comes from Dorothy. She talks about how Detroit is on the rise and offers her reasons for why that's so. We completely agree with her. [...]

Story: All The Dogs Like Eachother

I first met Brooke a year ago at a community workshop I held at University of Detroit Mercy. She was so quiet I had no idea of the many amazing projects she [...]

Story: Ivory & Ossian

Last night I went to the Virgil Carr Center to listen to Ivory Williams tell 'Stories For Grown-ups.' If you live in Detroit he is someone to seek out. Send him [...]

Story: A Girl Changemaker

Last month I had the pleasure to speak with a class of fifth graders at the Plymouth Charter School in Detroit about being a change-maker. I talked to them [...]

Story: Long Live The City Of Trees

This is a story from Marsha Lynn Battle Philpot, Kresge Art Fellow. Marsha is a lifelong Detroiter, new friend of Collision Works, and a beautiful, compassionate, [...]

Story: Adventures on Alter Road

For many years in the suburbs of Detroit there were roads kids were told not to cross. These are our borders. One is Eminem’s old stomping ground, 8 Mile, [...]