Dinner and Dialog

This year Collision Works attended the Meeting of the Minds annual event, held this year in Detroit at the College for Creative Studies. The conference brought together [...]

Year In Review: Coming Together and Building Empathy

First Container, our kickstarter funded prototype in Eastern Market, wowed with some snazzy design and shipping container awesomeness. But is also laid some critical [...]

Year In Review: Detroit Stories

We had an amazing partnership with the Detroit Public Library over the summer. We had three library sponsored Detroit authors come share their stories and facilitate [...]

Failure Lab

Collision Works has the honor to help host and sponsor Detroit's first Failure Lab, an honest conversation about when things don't always work the way we want them [...]

Seek Eastern Market

As part of the Detroit Design Festival, Collision Works and First Container will be hosting the event: SEEK EASTERN MARKET Thursday, September 19th, 2013 7pm [...]

Taj Cleans the Garage- at First Container!

  Children's books usually have a goal with what it's set out to teach. Renee Prewitt’s new children’s book, Taj Cleans the Garage, has a very specific [...]

Book in a box at First Container!

From June through October we will be offering a selection of books about the Detroit experience through the Detroit Public Library. You can check out these books [...]

Kickstart our First Container

So here it is. Our first ever Kickstarter campaign. People have been telling us to do it for months for the hotel. But it’s too soon for the hotel. Kickstarter [...]