Fall Back

Fall is indeed back and quite beautiful here in Detroit. We wanted to take this time to offer a few updates on how the year has been going. Quite simply, it's [...]

ULI Michigan

Shel is very proud to represent Collision Works at the upcoming Urban Land Institute, University of Michigan Real Estate Forum. The annual UM-ULI Real Estate [...]

Summer Interns

Collision Works needs three interns or volunteers. Spark Coordinator :::: 2-3 hours per week We need someone to process new Sparks entering the program [...]

Friends on Fourth Tuesdays

All people that are interested in supporting the project are called Collision Works Friends. This encompasses both “volunteers” and people with general interest [...]

Year In Review: Coming Together and Building Empathy

First Container, our kickstarter funded prototype in Eastern Market, wowed with some snazzy design and shipping container awesomeness. But is also laid some critical [...]

Year in Review: High Fives!

We had no idea we would get such tremendous media support in 2013. Here are a few of our favorites, but you can see more on the media page. What we like most about [...]

Thanks Niobe!

Niobe is Collision Works’ intern-extraordinaire. She is in fact a 21-year-old senior at the University of Michigan, with a concentration in Art and Design, psychology, [...]

Launching First Container!

Three weeks ago we ended our successful kickstarter campaign, raising $41,000 to bring a shipping container to Eastern Market Detroit. This is a siginificant amount [...]

The Most Important Hotel In America?

  It's a bold statement. We didn't make it. We probably never would say it, but are so grateful someone else thinks so. For 15 years Greg Oates has been [...]

Year-End Style!

We want  to thank everyone for their support through 2012. It's been an incredible year for Collision Works. Looking back we've had a name change, successful community [...]