Finding the Right Stories

We’ve been talking all year about collecting stories from the people of Detroit and partnering with people who are already busy doing this work. We are excited to get going on that work. But we have some pre-work to take care of. In order to make sure we get stories that are meaningful to the people using the space we’ve put together a plan to involve our local community in the creation of a Story Framework.

The Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC) has put together a four month project to address a basic framework defining:

Values and criteria
As a community what do we value? What kinds of stories are we willing to accept and what will we turn away? Why?

What are some main categories of stories we seek? Hope? Love? Resilience?

Who to collect stories from?
While we want stories from absolutely everyone, we have to put together a little strategy to help us focus, especially in the beginning. Who do we want to reach out t first? Why?

How will we collect stories?
Do we go to churches? Schools? Is this online? Do we have a roaming bio bus? Do we go to events hosted by other people? What kinds? Do we video? Tape record? Take photos?

What is the value exchange?
We think if people are good enough to take the time to give us their stories we need to give them something back beyond a pat on the back and a hey thanks. So what is that? Do we have a membership? Access to special events? Do we promote them on our website? What do people want? What is fair?

This is extremely important work.

In a few months we are going to launch a crowd-funding campaign to pay for this very important work and are hatching some clever and fun rewards for your participation and donations. So keep an eye out.

Cover Photo by Julia Solis —

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