Friends Team

These are the people that make things go WOW! We are so grateful to have such wonderful collaborators.

Kiana Doggan
Design Research & Insights Specialist
Kiana is a designer and technical writer who uses her skills to create spaces and community development strategies that respond to human needs. She has over 10 [...]
Suzette Daye
Hospitality Advisor, Sparks Coordinator
Suzette worked, lived and played in Detroit most of her life and loves the history and uniqueness of the city. She has worked in hospitality in the Metro area [...]
Marsha Battle Philpot
Resident Storyteller
Marsha grew up in Highland Park, MI, the daughter of legendary pre-Motown record producer, Joe Von Battle. She's a self-described "primordial Detroiter, and for [...]
Ivory “D” Williams
Resident Storyteller
Ivory interweaves his stories with humor, wit and fun to engage audiences and spread positive messages. Promoting and perpetuating the ancient art of African/African [...]
Shel Kimen
Board President, Founder and Executive Director
Shel is the Founder and Executive Director. For 18 years, Shel has helped organizations find new ways to learn about and engage people and culture. She’s worked [...]
Cari Easterday Kar
Board Treasurer, Interim CFO
Cari has spent over 15 years in accounting and senior financial roles in both real estate and community development projects with portfolios in excess of $400 million. Her [...]
Delphia Simmons
Board Secretary, Social Impact Advisor
Delphia has spent her career helping others access resources through public and private programs, including government and charitable foundations. She is the founder [...]