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Story: All The Dogs Like Eachother

I first met Brooke a year ago at a community workshop I held at University of Detroit Mercy. She was so quiet I had no idea of the many amazing projects she [...]

Story: Ivory & Ossian

Last night I went to the Virgil Carr Center to listen to Ivory Williams tell 'Stories For Grown-ups.' If you live in Detroit he is someone to seek out. Send him [...]

Story: A Girl Changemaker

Last month I had the pleasure to speak with a class of fifth graders at the Plymouth Charter School in Detroit about being a change-maker. I talked to them [...]

Story: Long Live The City Of Trees

This is a story from Marsha Lynn Battle Philpot, Kresge Art Fellow. Marsha is a lifelong Detroiter, new friend of Collision Works, and a beautiful, compassionate, [...]