The Sparkles

Collision Works is made up of sparkles and sparkles come from people.

There are many people involved in this project… People who volunteer their time, their skills, and their passions to help keep this whole thing moving. We would be nowhere without our people. Whether they just shared our story with a friend once two years ago or help us staff and operate First Container or organize our accounting, everyone that touches this project is magic and we are very grateful for them. You could easily join the ranks. We’d love to have you!

Sparkles also come from stories, especially the real stories of the real people of Detroit. Love, Joy, Pain, Determination, Faith… All those things and more. These are the stories that can make us cry, warm our lil hearts, or split our sides with laughter.

Over time we will be adding our people and more stories here. For now you can check out our Board of Directors and some amazing Advisors.