Year in Review: High Fives!

We had no idea we would get such tremendous media support in 2013. Here are a few of our favorites, but you can see more on the media page. What we like most about these is that they paid attention to our community focus and passion for Detroit. High Five! Read the rest

Year In Review: Coming Together and Building Empathy

First Container, our kickstarter funded prototype in Eastern Market, wowed with some snazzy design and shipping container awesomeness. But is also laid some critical groundwork in community building. We had groups promoting women’s health, exploring experiential education, and closing the achievement gap by encouraging communities to read more to children. A lot of this happened almost by accident… but of course it was no accident. Like much of this project people and projects emerged through powerful and honest conversations. Read the rest

Year In Review: Detroit Stories

We had an amazing partnership with the Detroit Public Library over the summer. We had three library sponsored Detroit authors come share their stories and facilitate conversation and dialog. A huge thanks to Mark Binelli, Shaka Senghor, and Dean Demetrieski for talking about eastern market, murder, atonement, gentrification, and survival. Read the rest

Failure Lab

Collision Works has the honor to help host and sponsor Detroit’s first Failure Lab, an honest conversation about when things don’t always work the way we want them to. It’s not celebrating defeat and it’s not trying to preach life lessons.

It’s a simple a chance for people to share and reflect and build community through story.

Read the rest

Bon Voyage First Container

We have spent six beautiful months camped out in Eastern Market in our mahogany paneled steel box and it is time for us to both make way for the Christmas Trees and also spread our wings and fly, or rather roll, to another spot in the city.

First Container is ON THE MOVE!

Saturday, November 9 Read the rest

Seek Eastern Market

As part of the Detroit Design Festival, Collision Works and First Container will be hosting the event:


Thursday, September 19th, 2013

7pm – 11pm

2930 Russell Street, Detroit, MI 48207 Read the rest

Taj Cleans the Garage- at First Container!


Children’s books usually have a goal with what it’s set out to teach. Renee Prewitt’s new children’s book, Taj Cleans the Garage, has a very specific goal. Prewitt aims to bridge the 30 million word gap. Studies show that children that come from lower income homes learn 30 million less words than their higher income household. “This is the first in a series of books I’m writing to help close the 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3,” Prewitt says.   Read the rest

Detroit Youth Energy Squad at the First Container Today!


Youth from the Detroit Youth Energy Squad (a program of WARM Training Center) have created a

short documentary about alternative forms of education happening in Detroit. Learning spaces like

Omnicorp, the Boggs School, 5e Gallery, and the Mt. Elliott Makerspace are highlighted throughout the

film as well as interviews with community members, students and local activists. The documentary

seeks to show that education is everywhere, not just in schools.


Check more about who they are at their website here.

Book in a box at First Container!

From June through October we will be offering a selection of books about the Detroit experience through the Detroit Public Library. You can check out these books from us for your book club. Each participant can borrow 3-10 books from First Container and keep them out for a month. You are also free to use First Container for your book club meetings. Read the rest

Thanks Niobe!

Niobe is Collision Works’ intern-extraordinaire. She is in fact a 21-year-old senior at the University of Michigan, with a concentration in Art and Design, psychology, and writing. In her spare time she enjoys tetris, being sub-par at guitar, yoga, sidewalk chalk art, and not eating animals. Read the rest